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More information is now available about the electrocution of a construction worker yesterday at UNCG. The worker was an employee of Greensboro-based Powertec Electric. Powertec was doing electrical work as part of a remodeling job at the Elliot University Center.

Paul Lester of the UNCG Police Department told WFMY that the victim was changing light fixtures and installing new junction boxes and was “unaware that the box he was working with still had power.”

Lester said the investigation is closed. It is unclear at this point whether he was only referring to the police investigation. There should be further inquiries. It certainly seems that at this point there are lots of questions that need answers. Such as how the power was left on with electricians working in the area. What safeguards were in place to avoid this situation and how did they fail. Did the workplace comply with OSHA regulations?

Lester did say that the UNCG Office of Safety reviews incidents such as this. Hopefully we will be hearing the results of their review in the near future.


  1. Gravatar for deanna abate

    I would really like to hear more about this. The man who was electrocuted was the husband of a very dear friend of mine. I just hope restitution is provided to his wife and 3 boys bc they now have to live w/o a dad/husband bc someone forgot to turn the power off.

  2. Gravatar for Pierce Egerton

    Deanna, yes there are a number of potential avenues available for the victim's family to pursue restitution. Workers' Compensation and perhaps liability of others who may have been at fault are two of these.

    Whenever someone is injured or killed on the job and/or in an accident it is important to begin the process of initiating claims as soon as possible. Otherwise important evidence may be lost.

    This man's family is fortunate to have friends such as you to rely on in this difficult time.

  3. Gravatar for Marianela

    How can the investigation be closed? We have a lot of questions to be answered here. Was the victim told there was no power? Probably not...I agree with deanna abate restitution needs to be provided to his wife and 3 sons. The victim was my cousin. We are all devasted.

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