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Those wheeled sneaker skates that are so popular among kids are also very dangerous, according to a recent study in the June edition of Pediatrics.

Kids worldwide have been injured while wearing roller shoes. Sneaker skates have caused at least one death

Heelys and other brands of roller shoes are being blamed for a variety of injuries in kids, including broken wrists, arms and ankles; dislocated elbows and even cracked skulls in children.

Over a 10-week period last summer, 67 children were treated for injuries from Heelys or strap-on wheels called Street Gliders at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, according to a report in the June edition of Pediatrics

From September 2005 through December 2006, one death and at least 64 roller-shoe injuries were reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a spokesman said last week.

One boy was struck by a car and killed when he skated into traffic on his Heelys. There’s some debate about what role the skates played in his death. See this article on Heelys death.

The group WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm) included sneaker skates on its 2006 10 Worst Toys List because of the number of children who have been injured while wearing them.

You can learn more about these dangerous toys by visiting CNN’s Web site.

If your kids like to scoot around on their sneaker snakes, please make sure they wear protective gear such as helmets, elbow pads and knee pads to protect themselves from injuries. You can learn more about protecting your kids and keeping them safe by visiting this helpful resource guide on preventing Heelys injuries from You can also find out about the most common types of Heelys injuries — broken wrists, spinal injuries, nosebleeds, broken ankles and closed head injuries.

If you or someone you know has been injured while wearing wheeled sneakers, please use the form at the right to contact an attorney.

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