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It’s the YouTube video that launched a thousand refrains of “Ewwwwww, Gross!” The video taken by a remote camera in the sewer beneath Raleigh’s Cameron Village Shopping Center is as disturbing as any chilling alien thing Hollywood has come out with. Where is Buckaroo Banzai when you really need him?

Several theories about exactly what the thing is have been, . . . er, floated in recent days. One maintains that “the thing” is a mass of tubifex worms — you know, those freeze dried cubes you plunk in the aquarium.

According to another theory, the blobs are Bryozoans – a primitive and disgusting colonial life form that filters nutrients from water. (To all you purists out there, yes, I know I’m linking to Wikipedia. You know you use it too. Get over it!)

The Bryozoan camp got a late start but seemed to have outpaced the worm contingent. That was until George Houthoff from the Netherlands stuck his finger into the dike, or sewer as the case may be.

Houthoff told WRAL that he decided to put the issue to the test. He procured a mass of tubifex worms (I don’t want to know how) and started picking and probing at them the way the inspectors did in the Raleigh video.

That certainly was enough for George. He’s convinced that Raleigh’s got a case of the worms. I’ll let you be the judge.

About the Editors: Egerton & Associates, P.A. is a personal injury law firm based in North Carolina’s Piedmont region with offices in Greensboro, Asheboro and Kernersville.

PS: No, to my knowledge, the blobs have not inflicted personal injuries on an unsuspecting populace. Well, not yet anyway. And besides, they’re probably judgment proof. I certainly don’t want to handle any of their assets. But, hey, how often do you get a chance to blog about a blob?!?

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