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My wife Linda and I recently took a trip through Virginia and West Virginia. As we traveled past the beautiful trees mountains and creeks that make up the countryside here, we were lucky enough to spot quite a few deer. Most people would expect to find some 18-wheelers, trucks, and other cars along the way. And, was the hot pavement flies by beneath you it can be easy to forget about all the nature those roads pass through. Deer are a common sight along many highways. Spotting a group of deer can be fun and unexpected, but even more important to remember is that they can dart out into traffic.

Hitting a deer as it runs across the road can be as severe as any collision with a car. And not only does this usually kill the animal, but leaves the driver high and dry financially. Over the years plenty of people have contacted our firm trying to sue someone for damages after they hit a deer. But, unfortunately even when the deer is at fault, there are no "bucks" to be found.

Others have taken a different tack and proclaim that the government should put up fences of some kind to keep the deer from the path of cars. This may seem like a good idea at first, but not only would it be extremely expensive, but I know firsthand that fences don’t do much good. Deer don’t just run fast. They are pretty good jumpers too.

So next time you are cruising the green highways keep an eye peeled for wildlife along the road. It’s one situation where being safe is just as fun as it is smart.

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