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Think road rage is bad? Everyone gets irritated, frustrated, and even angry on the road from time to time. But what happened to Mark Walker on April 20, 2010 was beyond even extreme road rage; it should result in a criminal prosecution!

When Mr. Walker and his brother approached the teller window at the NewBridge Bank in Lexington, North Carolina on Friday April 16, 2010, neither of them could have expected what would ensue. Jerry Black of Black Concrete was sitting in his pickup truck which he had double-parked in the parking lot. Heated words were exchanged between Mr. Walker and Mr. Black concerning breaking into line at the teller window.

Mr. Walker was returning to his brother’s pickup truck and was between the front of his brother’s pickup and the back of Mr. Black’s vehicle. At this point, Mr. Black put his truck in reverse and crashed into Mr. Walker, pinning him against his brother’s truck. Despite Mr. Walker’s brother’s attempts to stop Mr. Black, the enraged motorist continued to spin the wheels of his truck with Mr. Walker still pinned between the two vehicles. It was not until Mr. Walker’s brother began kicking and hitting the truck that Mr. Walker was released.

This extreme act of violence broke two bones in Mr. Walker’s right leg, chipped his pelvis, and bruised his ribs, according to a family member interviewed in an article on Mr. Walker was taken to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center where doctors removed parts of his large and small intestines. Mr. Walker remains in a coma at the hospital and is unable to receive any further treatment until his intestines have healed.

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