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Aggressive drivers are big, fat pains in the rump. It’s amazing how some people act when they get behind the wheel. They cut people off, tailgate, try to skip to the front of backed up traffic — basically they act like kindergartners.

This holiday weekend, don’t get mad. GET EVEN!!

According to the NC Highway Patrol, aggressive drivers account for the majority of the traffic collisions that occur on the state roadways.

That’s why this holiday the Highway Patrol says it will crack down on “those drivers who flagrantly violate the motor vehicle laws, including but not limited to: excessive speeding, following too closely, erratic lane changes, safe movement violations and other forms of reckless endangerment.”

And guess what?!? They want your help! Yep, that’s right. Here’s how: “Citizens can report highway problems to the Patrol by dialing *HP (*47) on their cellular phones. The toll free call goes directly to the nearest Highway Patrol communication center.”

You gotta love that. Turn a jerk in — toll free!

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