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| Egerton & Associates, P.A.

Durham, North Carolina police were sent to remove a “deer” presumably hit by a vehicle on Interstate 40 East Wednesday morning, February 10, 2010. When they arrived on the scene, police found the body of Judy Gail Siegel, 57, of Chapel Hill, instead.

Police surmise that Judy was driving in the right-hand lane of I-40 when her Toyota “struck the side of or a tire on a tractor-trailer,” according to an article on The impact caused her car to go off the road and into the guardrail.

Judy then apparently exited her vehicle and walked onto the highway. She was struck by several vehicles, the first of which “did not remain at the scene,” investigators said.

Judy’s cousin, Marvin Elkin, said Judy was in a severe wreck when she was 18, but she survived after being in a coma for several months.

Do we have a legal claim for wrongful death?

1) The investigation should continue in an effort to identify the driver of the vehicle or vehicles that hit Judy in the highway.

2) Evidence at the scene could yield information about the vehicles involved.

3) An investigator might locate witnesses.

4) An investigator might find useful information from body repair shops in the area.

5) A lawyer might determine that a claim exists against Judy’s own “uninsured” auto insurance policy.

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