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Bad driving is everywhere. It’s inescapable. But reckless driving can be prevented. Teens are more at risk for reckless driving than adults. The number one cause of death for teens is accidents.

Mygentxt ( is an organization created by teens. They are using new and creative ways to help teens remember not to drive recklessly. They created a hip-hop song about driving distracted. The group has been going around the country talking to high schoolers about responsible driving. The organization emphasizes the dangers of texting and driving.

Most adults who text have admitted to texting or reading a text, while driving, at some point in their life. Teens say that their parents play a vital role in their driver’s etiquette. Personally, I couldn’t agree more with this. This means that parents need to set a good example for their teens when they drive. Texting and driving laws have been proven to be effective. They decreased texting and driving in Hartford, CT decreased by 68% and 42% in Syracuse, NY.

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