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Just a summer’s-end reminder: In high society, Labor Day is (or was) considered the last day of the year when it is fashionable to wear white or seersucker.

It’s also good to remember a definite “No-No” accessory for holiday weekend wear:

Handcuffs. Awkwaaaard.

(And perhaps another way to view the term “high society.”)

N.C. Department of Transportation

The North Carolina Highway Patrol will be increasing its presence on all interstates and major four-lane highways this weekend – on the hunt for drunken drivers, speeders, and aggressive drivers.

Troopers also will team up with Alcohol Law Enforcement agents and Wildlife Resource Commission officers to stage DWI checkpoints near parks and at boating areas.

“We are asking all motorists to buckle up and be extremely careful when traveling to their various destinations,” State Highway Patrol Commander Col. Michael Gilchrist told the Charlotte Observer. “Troopers along with other agencies will be aggressively cracking down on motorists who drink and drive.”

Ten people were killed and 470 injured statewide over the Labor Day weekend last year, the patrol says.

The big end-of-summer weekend brings fun and (hopefully) sun, but it also brings out swarms of people in a hurry and mixes them in traffic jams. It pours alcohol into some of them, serves up frustration, and sometimes the concoction bubbles over into road rage or recklessness.

The Highway Patrol’s news release says it is going to "target aggressive drivers, who tend to cause the most crashes … those drivers who flagrantly violate the motor vehicle laws, including but not limited to: excessive speeding, following too closely, erratic lane changes, safe movement violations, and other forms of reckless endangerment.”

So for everyone who is winding up the summer on the road, be on the lookout for these dangers yourselves. You can report crashes, drunk drivers, stranded motorists or other highway situations to the Highway Patrol by dialing *HP (*47) on your cellphone.

Plus, it pays to pay a little extra attention to your own mood as you’re travelling. The work that goes along with a road trip can wear on a person’s nerves. Remember to work on having a good time and relaxing, too – and being safe is the best way to get to that destination.

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  1. Gravatar for Anne

    Stacy and Clinton would agree--no orange jump suits please. Funny take on Safety.

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