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As a fifteen year old, driving around with my parents for 60 hours does not seem like an ideal way to spend my time. However, the new driving law requires that in order for you to receive your provisional driver’s license as opposed to your learner’s permit, you have to log 60 hours of driving. The log must be signed by a parent/guardian. There are penalties for forgery.

You can’t do more than 10 hours a week and 10 of the total hours have to be at night. This means that you would have to do at least 6 weeks of driving. The logs must be submitted on a form that will be handed out by the DMV, however these forms have not been created yet. The law goes into effect on Oct. 1, 2011. Its unclear whether the forms will be ready by then or not. Despite these changes, the requirements to get a learner’s permit are still the same.

Although I don’t want to drive around with my parents a lot, I think that this is a good change. Previously, drivers didn’t require experience driving. Someone could get their license without any on the road experience.

To be a good driver, you need to know more than just the laws and basics of driving. You need what I like to call driver’s instinct. Driver’s instinct is what tells you “yes I can make that light” or “no I can’t make that light.” Its what makes turning corners at night and gauging distance between other cars easier. The only way to get driver’s instinct is to drive on the road frequently.

The provisional license has also changed. They are revoked when you are charged with a criminal moving violation. This includes exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph and reckless, impaired, or aggressive driving.

There are some other rules you should remember about your limited license. If you drop out of school and you’re under 18 then your license gets revoked. It will also be revoked if you are suspended for 10 or more days. Also, you can only drive from 5AM-9PM.

Picture: NCDOT

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  1. Gravatar for DonnaShelton

    My daughter is supposed to get her liscense

    on december 26,2011. She has been driving almost a year. Do we still have to do the 60 hours of driving before she gets her liscense?

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