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As with many other things, technology has become a bit of a double-edged sword. Technology is great. It has allowed businesses to communicate with other businesses halfway across the world. It’s helped people keep in touch with far away friends and family. It keeps a load of information at our disposal. But it has come at a price. With some much communication, an unforeseen problem has arisen: cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is usually between teens and preteens, not adults. Teens use technology to embarrass, harass, threatening and sometimes gossiping about other teens.

Most teens have been cyber bullied and been the bully. I myself am no different. I have had so called “friend’s” gossip and embarrass me. I have done the same to other people. I’ve had friends who embarrassed other people and I have had friends who were embarrassed and one friend who was threatened and harassed by a girl. The girl who threatened her was really troubled. She had no self-esteem or self-respect. Just because someone bullies someone online doesn’t make him or her a horrible person. I find that usually, they just have some self-esteem or interpersonal problems and don’t have any other way to deal with those problems. I also think that it’s easier to bully online because it’s so impersonal. You don’t have to look the people in the eyes when you say mean things. You don’t see their reactions. It’s a lot colder online.

Here are some tips on how to deal with cyber bullying:

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