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After selecting a group of nine cases to proceed toward trial, the federal judge presiding in the DePuy Pinnacle hip implant cases has set a trial date of January 6, 2016. Leading up to the January trial date are several deadlines by which the plaintiffs and defendants must prepare and submit amended pleadings and discovery documents.

 Image / Hip Replacement Survivors

There are currently over 7,000 plaintiffs with suits filed in the Northern District of Texas, where the Pinnacle lawsuits have been consolidated. The plaintiffs allege that the Pinnacle hip implant, which included some metal-on-metal components, caused severe injuries, sometimes leading to revision surgery.

To learn more about complications arising from some implants and other associated medical and legal issues, click here.

DePuy is still in the process of settling thousands of claims involving its ASR hip implant, which was another metal-on-metal hip replacement device. DePuy recalled the ASR model after high rates of revision surgery were reported.

Unlike the ASR, the Pinnacle hip implants have not been recalled.

DePuy was successful in its first trial defending the Pinnacle hip device, which concluded last fall. However, some have contributed that success to a plaintiff whose case was not representative of the majority of people injured by the Pinnacle hip implant.

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  1. Gravatar for Kent Sanders
    Kent Sanders

    How can any federal judge defer a group of belwether cases for over 15 months since the first case in Oct 2014? At this rate we will all be deceased and nobody will be alive to get due justice. My pinnacle case is over 3.5 years old and will be over 4 years old by the time the 2nd case is heard in court. Johnson & Johnson has already been allowed too much time without taking responsibilty. SO LONG HOPE FOR JUSTICE. Do you really think the Federal Court will move quickly in an election year? Ha, Ha, This is just another stall tactic. What happened to the 10 cases and now it is down to 9 cases? How many cases will it be narrowed down too by Jan 2016. And I thought my Mom's Vioxx case was exhausting. She never lived to see any of the settlement and we only got a small settlement after she died of exactly what the drug was pulled off the shelf for. We appealled it 4 times to only be told she was too old to get the death settlement. She was only 69 and the world lost a very bright light.

    Now it is exceptable to deceive and spin, rather than speak the truth. SMOKING MIRRORS.

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