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| Egerton & Associates, P.A.

Those DePuy ASR hip implant recipients who have not yet received a settlement are waiting for news from the federal court. The Ohio judge hearing the DePuy ASR cases postponed a January 30, 2015 conference due to weather conditions preventing travel from some states.

The hearing, which has yet to be rescheduled, will address how DePuy will resolve cases for ASR recipients who had a revision surgery after August 31, 2013.

hip debris - Hip Replacement Survivors, Facebook

Image / Hip Replacement Survivors

Other than the date of the revision surgery, these individuals’ cases have no difference from those ASR cases that qualified under the original ASR Settlement Program. However, DePuy’s defense attorneys are doing what they can to save the company money, including delaying the payout on remaining settlements. It is unclear whether the upcoming conference will provide answers to those waiting to settle their claims.

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If you have questions about your DePuy ASR hip implant claim, whether or not you have had a revision surgery, call our office to discuss your options. The hip implant lawyers at Egerton Law will provide you with a free consultation to help determine your claim status. Call us at 1-800-800-4LAW or fill out our web contact form today.


  1. Gravatar for billy willy
    billy willy

    depuy just wants to stall n stall n stall....until the judge gets fed up with their bull@@@

  2. Gravatar for Richard Hite
    Richard Hite

    What happens to the ones for health reasons can not have a revision surgery. am in my 8os with chronic diastolic heart failure atrial fib and some other stuff. I have constant hip pain surgeon says old asr implant needs removed but the risk is to great MEANTIME I HURT LIKE HELL

  3. Gravatar for ben dover
    ben dover

    I too cannot have revision surgery because my risk factor is way too high......stemming from complications from the first can only hope that the judge can see that all of us who are in that particular situation get know..when u get right down to it..were in worse shape than the people who already had that piece of garbage removed..we are stuck with it for the rest of our lives....

  4. Gravatar for Emily Beeson
    Emily Beeson

    Richard and Ben, although nothing specific has been announced yet, individuals who are medically unable to undergo a needed revision may qualify for compensation from DePuy. Contact our office to discuss your individual claim with an attorney today.

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