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Be on the Look Out for 2-Wheeled Vehicles!

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Lately I’ve blogged about the tragic deaths of a Greensboro cyclist and a man killed while test driving a motorcycle. Today, while scanning through accident reports, I found yet another case of a two-wheeled vehicle being struck when the driver of a car wasn’t paying attention.

On Halloween, Stacey Elliott of Lexington was a passenger on a motorcycle traveling in High Point when a vehicle turned into their path. The driver of the motorcycle swerved, but not in time to avoid the collision. Stacey’s foot was pinned in between the bike and the car.

What might have been a minor accident in a car is now likely to be a painful ordeal that could involve heavy medical bills and prolonged treatment. Drivers of automobiles have to use more caution in looking out for the two-wheeled vehicles they share the road with. It’s that simple.