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Was South Carolina Serial Killer Shot to Death Near Gastonia, NC?


Fox8 is reporting that a man matching the description of a suspected South Carolina serial killer was shot and killed in North Carolina this morning.

The shooting occurred around 3:00 am., after Dallas, NC, residents Mike and Terri Valentine called police to report a suspicious SUV that matched descriptions given by South Carolina police of the SUV used by the serial killer. Dallas is a small community in Gaston County, near the city of Gastonia. Gaffney, SC, where the killings occurred is only about 30 miles from the scene.

When police arrived on the scene, “the slain man first gave a fake name to officers and then pulled a gun on them when they tried to arrest him on a warrant from Lincoln County, NC. . . “ In the ensuing altercation an officer was shot in the foot and the suspect was killed.

North Carolina and South Carolina law enforcement officials are on the scene of the shooting in Gastonia. South Carolina authorities said ballistic tests from the gun found on the suspect in Gastonia link it to the South Carolina murders. Reggie Lloyd, director of South Carolina’s State Law Enforcement Division told CNN, “We believe a killer is off the streets.”

UPDATE: Authorities confirm dead man is the Gaffney serial killer. More details here.


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  1. A. Corriher says:
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    Good. I’m glad this killer has been taken care of. I don’t rejoice when a person dies, and in America a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But he pulled a gun on the officer, and “ballistic tests from the gun found on the suspect in Gastonia link it to the South Carolina murders”. I hope that his physical appearance matches the sketch we have been seeing on tv. God be with those families who have lost their loved ones. And God with with the souls of ALL those whose lives have just been lost.

  2. carly says:
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    Time for an overhaul of the Justice system in the US. There is a related post at http://iamsoannoyed.com/?p=2082

  3. Steve Lombardi says:
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    Carly: And why exactly does the US justice system need an overhaul? Sounds like an interesting forensic case.