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Deputy Fatally Wounds Bipolar, Violent Teenager

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Christian Rook, 17, died Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in northwest Greensboro, North Carolina after being shot by Deputy Barry Glossan in the chest.

Responding to a 911 call, the deputy confronted Christian in the front yard of his residence. Christian held a 12-inch butcher knife, walked toward the deputy and did not drop the knife when ordered to do so. At this point the officer, no doubt feeling threatened, shot and killed young Christian. As it turns out, Christian was a mental patient suffering from bipolar disorder with a history of violence.

Was this death necessary?

1) Did Deputy Glossan use too much force?

2) Was it necessary for the officer to “shoot to kill?”

3) Could the deputy have used pepper spray, a stun gun or aimed for Christian’s leg?

4) Could the officer have stayed in the car and called for backup?

5) Was the deputy aware of Christian’s condition?

6) Did the deputy have special training to handle people with mental disabilities?