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Apex Day Care is Shut Down After Infant’s Death

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Every parent’s worst nightmare is that something bad will happen to their child when they aren’t there to protect them. That’s why the issue of day care negligence is such a hot topic. Parents see red when they think of something happening to their child at a place they trust. Watch this video and read some of the comments on it. You’ll see what I mean.


It’s one thing when a freak accident injures your child. But when daycare providers systematically break the rules and put kids in danger, you can bet parents will demand answers.

A home daycare in Apex has just been shut down following the death of a 3-month-old infant on October 26. Another child’s parents called 911 when the baby stopped breathing. (Why weren’t the daycare operators the ones placing the call? Where were they?). Police are still investigating the cause of death, but the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has already stepped in and shut down the day care after they found a laundry list of violations.

According to ABC, the daycare was licensed to watch five kids at a time, but had eight kids in the house when the death occurred. Other issues such as sanitary conditions and exposed outlets were reported.

The daycare owners have not been charged with any crime at this time, but the community wants answers.