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Pet Food Recall

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Menu Foods has announced a precautionary pet food recall on a portion of the dog and cat foods that were manufactured between December 3, 2006 and March 6, 2007.

The recall is limited to “cuts and gravy” style pet foods in cans and pouches that were produced at two of their U.S. facilities. The pet food is manufactured and sold under private label – contract manufactured for national brands.

Menu Foods has received feedback around the United States from worried pet owners about pet food manufactured in December and the impact it has on the renal health of the pets that have been consuming the product. After receiving the first complaint, the company initiated tests both internally and externally but has yet to identify any issues with the products. The company discovered the production timing matches up with complaints and coincides with the introduction of an ingredient from a new supplier.

“We take these complaints very seriously and, while we are still looking for a specific cause, we are acting to err on the side of caution” said Paul K. Henderson, President and CEO, Menu Foods. “We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our products maintain the very highest quality standards.”

To determine whether you have any tainted cat food or dog food in your possession, consumers can refer to the list of brand names on the Menu Foods website.