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Dan Deuterman

Judge dismisses wrongful death suit in Natalee Holloway case

The AP is reporting that a California judge has dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of Natalee Hollaway against two brothers who are suspected to be involved in her disappearance and apparent death.The judge cited lack of jurisdiction as the reason for the dismissal.The parents of Natalee Holloway cannot sue in Los Angeles because the case has no California connection and…

Dan Deuterman

Workers' Comp Death Benefits Funneled To Insurers

A recent investigation by the Houston Chronicle revealed that that $17 million in workers’ compensation benefits have been denied to families of workers killed on the job. Under Texas law, when a worker is killed on the job, and does not have a spouse, dependents or any family members that can prove they were financially dependent on the worker, the death benefit money is moved to the Subsequent…

Dan Deuterman

$10 Million Wrongful Death Suit Goes to Trial in New York

A $10 million wrongful death lawsuit brought by Malcolm Ferguson’s mother, Juanita Young, against the NYPD is underway in New York.Young claims her son, a 23-year-old convicted drug dealer, was shot and killed “police-style execution” in a struggle with police officer Louis Rivera in 2000. A three month investigation by the Bronx District Attorney ruled that it was an accidental shooting.

Chrissie Cole

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Tire Company

A wrongful death lawsuit claims a defective tire made by a North Carolina tire company, caused a pickup truck to crash on a Southern California freeway killing five family members.The lawsuit, filed in federal court, alleges Continental Tire North America of negligence, wrongful death, product liability and breach of implied warranty. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of two women whose mother,…