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Pierce Egerton

An Ode To Bus Safety, as school begins

“The strainht path of Truth the dear Girl’s keep their feet in And ah ! It would do your heart good Cousin Anne To see them arriving at Gracechurch Street Meeting All snugly packed 25 in a van.” Undoubtedly the first […]

Wendy Nolan

Bedbugs: An ongoing battle!

Just the thought of bedbugs is enough to make the average person itchy and scratchy, but the reality of a bedbug infestation is more akin to a nightmare than a simple irritation. These pesky critters typically come out at night […]

Pierce Egerton

Millions participating in “Great Southeast Shakeout” earthquake drill

It’s hard to believe, but several earthquakes have taken place in western North Carolina this year. Aren’t those things supposed to happen in California? “Earthquakes are rare in North Carolina, but four already have occurred this year in the western […]

Pierce Egerton

Highway Patrol sergeant saves man’s life with CPR

I would venture to say that most encounters with a state trooper on duty will make a person’s heart beat faster. For one man last week, that was definitely a good thing. The encounter took place on a routine day […]

Pierce Egerton

N.H. governor declares state of emergency after 44 overdoses of “spice”

It was a bold response to a drastic situation. The governor of New Hampshire declared a state of emergency last week after 44 reported overdoses of a synthetic marijuana known as spice. The most sinister detail of this crisis? The […]

Pierce Egerton

Man allegedly hits trooper with golf cart at U.S. Open; charged with DWI, assault

It was definitely the worst drive at the U.S. Open. And it wasn’t done with a golf club. According to State Trooper Ryan A. Goodin, Tommy Lineberry kept on driving a golf cart at the Open on Saturday even after […]

Pierce Egerton

SAFETY WEEK: We need 52 of them

This is from safetyweek2014.com : “Every year, more than 80,000 workers suffer an injury on construction job sites across the U.S. Any one incident is one too many. Life is too precious to not make safety the number one focus […]

Pierce Egerton

Synthetic marijuana found to cause severe kidney damage

Apparently “Mr. Happy” can give people some “Phantom Wicked Dreams” – or wicked damage to their bodies. Those are a couple of the names of “synthetic cannabinoids” – manufactured drugs that mimic the effects of marijuana. The Centers for Disease […]

Pierce Egerton

Safe, Vibrant Cities Abound in North Carolina

GREENSBORO, NC – According to the last Census, North Carolina was the 6th fastest growing state in the nation. And according to safewise, a website that rates home security systems, that’s no surprise. Safewise chalks up the growth in the […]

Pierce Egerton

School bus passing violations take 50-percent leap in Forsyth Co., N.C.

Some of the results are back. They’re really bad. Last week I wrote about the Department of Public Instruction’s program of tracking school bus passing violations. One day, each year, bus drivers across North Carolina count the number of vehicles […]