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Lawrence Egerton

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words, Even If It's on Your Cell Phone!

This week a young lady stepped on the sharp stump of a bush on the property of a local business establishment in Greensboro, North Carolina. The stump penetrated the sole of her shoe and speared the…

Lawrence Egerton

Think Bedbugs Are Just a Myth?

Reports of bedbugs have been crawling upward over the past decade.

The critters were believed to have been eradicated in the United States during the early 1940s thanks to the controversial…

Lawrence Egerton

Teen Buried in Sand Almost Drowns in Bald Head Beach High Tide

Most of us have fond memories of playing in the sand at the beach. Building sand castles, and burying each other are staples of summer time beach fun. But as one New Jersey teen found out this…

Lawrence Egerton

Vacation Turned Tragedy: Boy Drowns at Fort Fisher Beach

http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeshlabotnik/ / CC BY 2.0

Saturday brought yet another drowning death this year. This time it happened at the beach near Fort Fisher, NC. 10 year old Emanuel…

Lawrence Egerton

NC Judge Lost: Drowned While Saving Son

In an act of heroism fitting a member of the Judiciary, Judge John Mull died over the weekend after pulling his 17 year old son from the water to safety. The accident happened near Charlotte, NC in…

Lawrence Egerton

Foreclosed Homes, Abandoned Swimming Pools: A Growing Hazard to Neighborhoods

With the number of foreclosed homes continuing to rise each day, more and more community pools are being left unattended. Those that are left undrained become stagnant, algae-filled breeding grounds…

Lawrence Egerton

Young Girl’s Swimming Death Reminds Us to Maintain Vigilance at the Pool

The girl pronounced dead after being found unconscious at a public pool Friday June 26th in Winston Salem was just six years old. She was supposed to be under the watch of 2 adults and 8…