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Kurt Aktug

Mock trial competition sharpens valuable speaking skills, life skills

At a time when political and social debate, whether in Washington, Raleigh, or on Facebook, can often devolve into shouting matches, it is as important as ever for our future leaders, teachers, students, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and even (gasp!) lawyers to […]

Pierce Egerton

Get ready statewide – hurricane season is here

Dolly. Fay. Kyle. Nana. Sally. Teddy. The names can sound so jolly. The storms can be so deadly. These are a few of the potential names for hurricanes for 2014. We’ve entered hurricane season (June 1 through November 30), and […]

Pierce Egerton

New sound of familiar story: Purple Peddler stores hit with synthetic drug arrests

When I read about businesses being raided by police and charged with selling synthetic drugs, I poke around a bit on the Web for what is new in this “industry.” I hope to find fresh…

Pierce Egerton

N.C. toddler’s tragic drowning is a reminder of ever-present dangers

It wasn’t outwardly apparent that something was wrong on the little street called Rockwood Drive in Rowan County, until a sheriff’s car responded to a 911 call at 1:25 Tuesday…

Pierce Egerton

N.C. bust shows that rooting out “spice” trade is a tough row to hoe

North Carolina outlawed synthetic marijuana on June 1, 2011. But like kudzu, this man-made “weed” is hard to kill.

Amazingly hard, actually – as this story of a sting…

Pierce Egerton

Restraining order puts Chapel Hill cell phone ban on hold

The battle in Chapel Hill, N.C., to prevent distracted driving caused by cell phone use has become tangled in a lawsuit over towing cars.

Just over five weeks after the North Carolina college…

Pierce Egerton

Conspiracy Alert: First Lady’s “Get Moving” scheme linked to child pedestrian slaughter

Few people know this, but Barack Obama was spotted on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963. Michelle Obama has interviewed aliens in captivity at Area 51 in Nevada.

And they both know where…

Pierce Egerton

Research into “nature’s glue” may improve unpaved roads

I’m a-blowin’ down this old dusty road, Lord, Lord,

And I ain’t a-gonna be treated this a-way.

– Woody Guthrie

If Mother Nature could sing, she might…

Pierce Egerton

Randleman roundabouts: The right way to roll?

New intersections draw complaints but advantages are significant

Round and round and round you go …

But at those circular intersections called “roundabouts,” at…

Pierce Egerton

Snow Shoveling and Heart Attacks — Is There Really A Link?

We’ve all heard it. Urban legend warns shoveling snow causes heart attacks. In fact, two of the most important cardiology associations in the US include snow shoveling on their…