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Emily Beeson

Area Hospital Misdiagnoses Patients, Provides Unnecessary Treatment

Local media has reported that Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has incorrectly diagnosed at least dozens of patients in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina—medical errors that were uncovered after an investigation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. […]

Pierce Egerton

Where Is The Explant?

The defective hip implant that has been recalled by DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., is causing thousands of people to require a second hip operation, or revision, to correct the problems caused by the…

Lawrence Egerton

Do you have a DePuy hip replacement? Sign nothing!

Have you or someone you know had hip replacement surgery using a hip implant device made by the DePuy Orthopaedics company? You may be receiving a letter from your doctor asking you to come in for…

Lawrence Egerton

DePuy hip device recall means tidal wave of litigation

The number of people affected by the DePuy hip replacement recall is astonishing – 93,000 patients – equal to the population of a good-size city. It can be compared to something like an…

Pierce Egerton

Patient Dies While in the Care of State-Run Drug Treatment Center

Methadone is an opiate prescribed to patients coping with the withdrawal symptoms of heroin. Though it is a controversial and addictive drug, methadone treatment has been used widely in the United…

Lawrence Egerton

Jury Rules in Plaintiff’s Favor in Lawsuit Against Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina

Mustafa Atif and Saadia Fakiri requested the remains of a miscarried fetus so that they could properly bury the child according to their religious beliefs. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in…

Dan Deuterman

Great tips for prevening deadly hospital infections

I have to applaud fellow InjuryBoard member Jennifer Moore of Grossman & Moore in Louisville, Ky., for a great article on things patients can do to avoid hospital infections.She essentially provides a checklist for things you can ask and ask others to do if you must be hospitalized.I encourage you to read Jennifer’s posting or the entire report from the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

Chrissie Cole

Doctors Co. to Cut State Physician Premiums

A physician owned medical malpractice insurance provider, The Doctors Co., said its board approved a premium dividend to physician members expected to provide close to $7.3 million in premium relief to Golden State physicians.In total, they are implementing premium dividends that total over $21 million in July, officials said.The credit will allow for an average premium reduction of 7.5 percent…