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Dan Deuterman

Promising treatment for traumatic brain injuries

Researchers may have discovered breakthrough treatment for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with the hormone progesterone. Emory University has been conducting research on how progesterone helps speed the healing process of the brain. TBI has become a common injury of American troops in Iraq and, unfortunately, was what ABC news anchor Bob Woodruff suffered after a bomb explosion while reporting…

Chrissie Cole

Mild Brain Injuries Can Cause Chronic Sleep Trouble

Researchers believe people that suffer from mild brain injuries might be at increased for sleep disorders.In the April 3rd issued of Neurology, researchers at the University of California, in San Diego, studied 42 people that complain of insomnia after suffering a mild traumatic brain injury. Of the 42 patients, 15 patients had a circadian rhythm sleep disorder (CRSD) which is a problem with the…