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Three Killed in Crash at Montgomery/Moore County Line

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UPDATE: The official accident report that details the fatal collision is now available online:



Three young people lost their lives in a horrendous, near head-on collision on Highway 24/27 in Montgomery County near the Moore County line in North Carolina on November 6, 2010.

Domingo Espindola, 23, of Candor, was driving when he ran off the road to the right. When he overcorrected to the left, he crossed the center line and hit another car almost directly head-on.

Espindola was killed during the wreck. One of his passengers, Gabriella Bernal, 18, of Robbins, also met a tragic death due to the accident.

Thomas Walters, 29, of Cameron, was the sole passenger in the car with which Espindola’s collided. He, too, died in the crash.

To view photographs from the wreckage, follow this link to nbc17.com news online.