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Ten-Year-Old Driver of Go-Cart with 6-Year-Old Passenger Crashes

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Young people love to entertain themselves on all kinds of wheels. But how young is too young to operate a motor vehicle? Should minors be legally restricted to pedaling on bicycles, tricycles and other wheels that have fewer speed, handling and safety concerns? Should they be required to take and pass an instructional class on how to handle go-carts, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), jet skis and the like? Or should adults and parents be permitted to make those judgment calls?

A six-year-old boy was taken to Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina following a go-cart accident on August 28, 2010. He sustained “a serious gash along his torso,” reports digtriad.com, but luckily, his injuries are not considered life-threatening.

It’s possible that the child would not have been involved in a go-cart wreck if the motor vehicle had not been driven by a ten-year-old boy. The young driver said he lost control of the vehicle as he approached the busy intersection of Yanceyville and Guess Streets. When he could not get the go-cart to stop, he bailed safely but left behind his passenger. We’re just glad the youngster’s injuries are not life-threatening and we hope he recovers soon!