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Pedestrian safety: Greensboro girl struck by car on her way to the library

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A Greensboro child was struck by a car while crossing the street Monday, raising questions about pedestrian safety in Greensboro. The accident occurred around noon at the intersection of Summit Avenue and Church Street, according to the Greensboro News and Record.

Kendall McAdoo had just exited a Greensboro city bus and was crossing the street on her way to the Greensboro City Public Library. Though witnesses say she crossed the street in a group of people, she was the only pedestrian struck. The driver of the car denied seeing the city bus that Kendall had exited.

Police report that she was conscious and alert after the accident. She was transported by ambulance to Moses Cone Hospital, though the extent of her injuries is unknown. The driver was not charged in the accident.

The Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina reports that 2,200 motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are reported each year in North Carolina. Around 150-200 are fatal, while an additional 500 involve serious injury.

According to the PEDSAFE pedestrian safety guide, children between the ages of 5 and 9 are the most likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents. A child’s peripheral vision is only 1/3 of an adult’s, making it all the more important for drivers to use an excess of caution in areas where children will be crossing the street. Hopefully, Kendall escaped this with only minor injuries, but this should serve as a reminder for parents to teach their kids about the dangers of crossing the street, and for us all to slow down a little when we’re driving through crowded areas.