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One-Car Wreck in Burlington, North Carolina Ends in Death of Two Teenagers

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Mike Beverly, 18, of Graham and Charles O. Reynolds, 19, of Burlington were in a single-car accident early Saturday morning, February 13th, 2010 in Burlington, North Carolina that resulted in their untimely deaths.

Police identified Mike Beverly as the driver of the 2009 Nissan Sentra that ran off the road and hit a tree before catching fire. Charles O. Reynolds, the apparent passenger, was pronounced dead at the scene, states an article on news-record.com.

Sergeant Sam Epps said that the accident could be blamed on factors including speed and weather conditions. What other factors could have contributed to the deaths of these young people? Was Mike Beverly under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Was he distracted while driving or did he swerve to avoid an obstacle in the road? Is it possible that another car was involved? Could the vehicle Mike was driving have been defective?

Though the family members of both Mike Beverly and Charles O. Reynolds are no doubt experiencing intense grief and are overwhelmed with many concerns right now, they should keep in mind the fact that police and insurance companies are already investigating the accident. An attorney could help family members gather information regarding the deaths of the two young men and consider liability issues.

What other issues should the families of Mike Beverly and Charles O. Reynolds consider regarding the deaths of these two teenagers?

1) Did one Mike Beverly’s passenger, Charles O. Reynolds, tell the driver to slow down, stop the car, or let him out?

2) Is there a need for autopsies?

3) If alcohol was involved, was it acquired illegally, purchased at a bar, or given at a party to an underage driver who was obviously under the influence?

4) Have pictures been made of the wrecked vehicle and the scene of the accident?

5) Have witnesses been sought and interviewed?