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Labor Day Matchup: SUV vs. Minivan in Downtown Greensboro

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Three people were injured in a Labor Day morning collision in downtown Greensboro. According to Fox8, the accident occurred around 11:00 am at the intersection of East Market and Davie. The SUV, a Ford Expedition, apparently ran a red light and crashed into a Dodge Caravan.

The SUV underran the minivan which came to rest partially on its side and wedged against a utility pole. Firefighters had to cut the roof off the minivan to extricate the injured occupants.

Although the accident report has no yet been filed, police told Fox8 they will be charging the driver of the SUV with running a red light.

In my experience T-bone collisions often result in very serious injuries, including injuries to the neck, back, shoulder and hips. I certainly hope everyone involved in today’s accident will be okay.