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Kyle Busch’s speeding deserves severe consequences


There are going to be some people out there who think Kyle Busch is some kind of romantic rebel.

Sort of like those good ol’ boys from the early days of NASCAR, hauling moonshine in souped-up street cars and outrunning revenuers on North Carolina back roads.

Well, this is not the 1950s.

And Kyle Busch is not some kind of hero.

Busch was caught Tuesday driving 128 mph in a 45-mph zone.

An sheriff’s deputy stopped him on Tuesday around 2 p.m. on Perth Road south of Troutman, in Iredell County.

Busch, whose wife was riding with him, was driving a yellow Lexus LFA exotic sports car.

A Lexus LFA is capable of a top speed of 203 mph. It’s 10-cyclinder engine can rocket it from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds; from 0 to 100 in 7.6. seconds.

If you want to buy one, it’ll set you back anywhere from $350,000 to $400,000. Busch reportedly told the deputy he thinks of the Lexus as “just a toy.”

The Lexus LFA / Image from Autoviva

Some toy.

Let’s talk about Kyle’s playground.

He was stopped near a subdivision near Lake Norman. Close by are several neighborhoods, a church and a day-care.

One report, from the News & Record of Greensboro, describes the road Busch was traveling as winding and dipping through the countryside. It’s often used by bicyclists and farm tractors. Not far ahead from where Busch was pulled over is a sign warning of a school bus stop, and another warning of curves ahead. Much of the road is marked with the double yellow lines that denote a no-passing zone.

“There’s a lot of traffic, especially concerning kids,” said one woman quoted in the Charlotte Observer. “There’s mothers going to pick up their kids at school, school buses dropping off.”

Busch, who lives in Iredell County, was charged with speeding and driving recklessly. He is to appear in court July 20.

Legally, Busch deserves to get the maximum penalty possible. But the North Carolina justice system does not take speeding seriously enough. His punishment may be as minor as probation, losing his license for a year, and paying a $1,000 fine.

Professionally, Busch should be sanctioned. He drives the No. 18 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. At this point he’s scheduled be driving it Sunday in the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Gibbs said Thursday of Busch’s speeding that “It’s a serious issue,” and he is considering disciplinary action. He said that one option is having Busch speak with youth groups about speeding and reckless driving. That sound more like an opportunity than a sanction. A suspension from racing is more in order.

Speeding is cited as a major factor is nearly one-third of motor vehicle accidents. Given the terrible toll of injuries and fatalities, this atrocious example set by a celebrity sportscar driver is intolerable.

NASCAR still flaunts that rowdy persona, that rough streak of outlaw appeal from its old days. Fans love that stuff – spectacular crashes, fistfights on pit row, “tradin’ paint.”

But all the drivers – and Kyle Busch in particular – need to leave it at the track.


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  1. lee w says:
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    suprised he could actually drive that fast without hitting something for a change!!!!

  2. lee w says:
    up arrow

    Good thing Micheal Waltrip wasn’t the cop, or Kyle would have never been caught!!! Seriously though—— I think he should get a severe punisnment from J Gibbs Racing because we can be almost sure he will only get probation in court. He will cry like a baby and say he is sorry like he does everytime he gets in trouble, and then be cocky and tough when it’s over with.

  3. Seriously??? says:
    up arrow

    Serious sanctions from NASCAR?? You’re an idiot- I hate the the guy, but he is a professional RACE car driver after all. Obviously he shouldn’t be driving that fast but give me a break-NASCAR doesn’t need to penalize for off track behavior. They have enough to worry about trying to keep fans when all they do is keep penalizing drivers for ‘bumping’ into one another.
    Get over it people-MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!

  4. sharron says:
    up arrow

    Hate him! Wish they would put him under the jail and gibbs would drop him! Doesn’t deserve to drive nascar! Has a bad attitude!

  5. brg67 says:
    up arrow

    Car like that, as soon as you hit it it will be at 100 before you realize you have to slow down. just one of those things.

  6. Rick says:
    up arrow

    You don’t need a drivers lic. To drive on a track. That said, would any of you be sanction by your employer for a speeding ticket if your job did not require a drivers license? Why should he be different than you? Don’t tell me he’s an example to our children. All adults should set good examples, so if he is so much more special than you, maybe he should be above the law, not penalize for be good at his profession.

  7. Pam zerby says:
    up arrow

    he is not above the law. Young kids look up to him and he just stated with this action that it is ok. Would he do this if his wife was in the car and carrying his child? What if his car went out of control like it does on the race track???????

  8. morgan says:
    up arrow

    first lets look at his driving manner and attitude. people don’t like kyle because he is cocky and sometimes bumps people out of his way to the front to win a race. lets not forget how we were when we were young. most people that have this attitude towards kyle crammed into the theaters to watch DAYS OF THUNDER. rubbing is racing according to the movie. Also lets not forget Dale SR. #3 who did the exact same thing and is a Legend and in the Hall of Fame. Kyle is a driver just like any other driver, they all want to win. Don’t hate him just because your drivers finish behind him almost every weekend.
    what he did was wrong for sure but next time you are driving look at your speed and if you are over even by a couple miles per hour over you are wrong also.

  9. Rick says:
    up arrow

    Wow, we should call the what if police right away. Wow, what if his wife wasn’t,t in the car? Wow, what if his kid wasn’t in the car? Wow, what if the car didn’t spin out of control? Oh, I know, he’d get a speeding ticket just like you perfect people would. I’m guessing your a stay at home mom and your used to talking with children who always say, but what if mom? Gee mom, Billy’s mom let’s hi. What will you tell your kids if you or you’re husband gets a traffic ticket, that you should be executed? It’s a speeding ticket omg what if!

  10. Jake says:
    up arrow

    Pam, were the 7 ? seven what if’s

  11. Pam says:
    up arrow

    Don’t even compare Kyle to Dale yes rubin is racin but that is on track not a residential area where Kyle was speeding . Don’t you think there is an issue when his name is in the news not just because of his on the track racing

  12. Jo Jo johnson says:
    up arrow

    Rick what if his car would have flew into the air and crashed on the sun and caused a 100 year solar eclipse and the earth and the earth was thrust into a real global climate change and entered an ice age and what if all the race tracks got really icy and not even Kurt bush could race, so then what?

  13. Jojo says:
    up arrow

    Pam, what if it was really Kurt and Kyle is taking the blame to protect his brother? What if Kurt was riding with Dale Jr. and he knows Kurt had his brothers stolen drivers license? Wow, what if?

  14. JoJo says:
    up arrow

    What if we make it a crime for parents to let their children watch the news. Then their entire life won’t be destroyed by the news reporting a race car driver got a speeding ticket. Ya, that’s the story, Pam charged with endangering the welfare of a child for letting her child hear of the crime of speeding and all the possible what if’s. Pam, protect the children omg the humanity of it all.

  15. up arrow

    I have to agree with Pam on this. The reason we have safety laws is to *prevent* accidents. What if everyone was permitted to drive 128 mph on public roads is a valid question. The action was truly careless and reckless. A severe punishment is necessary to send a clear message that North Carolinians will not tolerate this behavior on our roads.

  16. Jojo says:
    up arrow

    Pam, I just saw your Facebook page. Your right I’m wrong Ricks a fool. Great photo and I like your pets

  17. Pam says:
    up arrow

    This is not about Kyle or any other race car driver. It is about all superstar athletes that are supposed to be someone for people to look up to. I am not a stay at home mom o couldn’t have kids but I still want to protect them! I work hard and enjoy NASCAR and don’t want someone like Kyle to destroy the reputation of sport I love

  18. Rick says:
    up arrow

    Sir, you are right and that’s why there are laws, courts and judges and people like you. You are to ensure justice if fair and equal. If we allow certain people to be punished excessively because of their positions then we all risk their fate. A teacher would not receive school sanctions because they got a speeding ticket. If you agree with Pam then you can’t believe in equal justice nor the fair and impartial judgments of the law and I can’t help but to infer that you have, as Pam, determined Mr. Bush is quilty as charge so let’s lynch him in the public square. That is, unless he sends you a retainer check and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

  19. up arrow

    Rick I think you read more into my comment than was there. I did not and do not suggest that Mr. Busch receive a greater punishment in court than anyone else ticketed for driving 128 in a 45 mph zone. That kind of thoughtless conduct merits the strictest consequence regardless of who is behind the wheel.

  20. Pam says:
    up arrow

    Rick are you a racing fan ? Like I said I am not looking for a execution but all sports athlrtets are paid a lot of money to be our so called heroes I just dont want them to have special privlidges

  21. Pam says:
    up arrow

    Thanks Pierce I am not trying to bad mouth a NASCAR driver I am just saying they should be held accountable for their actions as we all are

  22. up arrow

    I completely get your point Pam. I grew up with NASCAR; the drivers were my heroes. It would be a real shame if something like this were to sully the sport’s image.

  23. Pam says:
    up arrow

    God bless our troops on this memorial day weekend. Have a good weekend

  24. James Northam says:
    up arrow

    Here is the deal. Kyle Busch is a child. He has never wanted for much. He is like a real life incarnation of Ricky Bobby. What he did would land you or I in jail, our liscense suspended for a year, our insurance company would drop us. Reckless driving is a Class 2 misdemeanor. Under North Carolina laws, reckless driving is punishable by up to 60 days in jail.
    He needs to have the book thrown at him, and he needs to be fired from NASCAR. A slap on the wrist is ridiculous. Because he is a celebrity he gets a pass? No sir. I do not agree.

  25. James Northam says:
    up arrow

    I just read your posts. Are you mentally handicapped?

  26. Wayne says:
    up arrow

    I think Kyle should be punished according to the law. As for racing that is totaly separate. What if you job as a accountant they decided to give you time off for a ticket?

  27. James Northam says:
    up arrow

    He is a race car driver, driving a vehicle owned by the sponsor. His name is associated directly with Racing, Nascar and Toyota. If you were an accountant, and did 123 MPH, you would be arrested, have your license revoked, fined and your insurance company would drop you like a rock. Accounting has nothing to do with racing a car. However, if you were an accountant, driving a company car, and you did 123 in a 45, you should and more than likely would be fired…..

  28. Sue Brant says:
    up arrow

    Kyle Busch is not above the law. He is just like anyone else and should get the max punishment. I dont care if he is a professional driver or not…he is someone that are children are looking up to and nascar needs to take a stand and punish him on the track…..no one else is given a break then neither should someone like Kyle Busch. I love Nascar but I seriously dont know how much I will support the sport if they allow this to go unpunished. If it was a driver who was not as popular u can rest assure that they would take action.

  29. up arrow

    North Carolina doesnt take speed seriously??? are you kidding me???? they sure do take seat belt tickets seriously!!!!

  30. bob says:
    up arrow

    Clearly the cop was a harvick fan. Bottom line we all make mistakes and we all pay for them. Enough said

  31. Tina Watkins says:
    up arrow

    He was driving in a mostly residental area, they should site him with wreckless indangerment. He won’t get any of the harsh penalties because of who he is! If it would have been me, or any other ordinary citizen, we’d have hauled away in handcuffs and put in jail with bail. NASCAR needs to make an example of him, so the younger generation that is coming up now won’t glorify him!

  32. Bill says:
    up arrow

    I hated kyle for most of his career because of his petulant attitude. Since getting married he’s changed and Ive actually started to like him a little. However I believe he should be severely punished by nascar and even a brief suspension will destroy his almost inevitable championship this year.

  33. Bill says:
    up arrow

    If nascar doesn’t do it, the courts should sentence him to community service to be served during a few races.

  34. Sue Brant says:
    up arrow

    I am sorry but if Kyle Busch has changed soooooo much since getting married then tell me why he was driving that fast with someone he loves that much, his wife, in the passenger seat. Sorry that doesnt seem to me to be someone who I would care about. What if he would of had children and they would have been in the care too, would everybodies opinion be different. I am sorry but my opinion is hang him out to dry legally and career wise.

  35. fred waldorf says:
    up arrow

    after reading all these coments,1 wonder how maney of you have done stupit things but never got caught,or if you have never sined throw the first stone.

  36. Rod says:
    up arrow

    Kyle Busch is a great Nascar driver! Do I like him? No damned way! Why not? Because he is the cockiest of all Nascar Drivers! Should he be penalized? You bet your sweet a__!!! I agree with Bill!

    If nascar doesn’t do it, the courts should sentence him to community service to be served during a few races.

    Really, driving 128 MPH in a 45 MPH Speed Zone is outragious and he should be severly punished!

  37. Rod says:
    up arrow

    Kyle Busch is a great Nascar driver! Do I like him? No damned way! Why not? Because he is the cockiest of all Nascar Drivers! Should he be penalized? You bet your sweet a__!!! I agree with Bill!

    If nascar doesn’t do it, the courts should sentence him to community service to be served during a few races.

    Really, driving 128 MPH in a 45 MPH Speed Zone is outragious and he should be severly punished!

  38. jim says:
    up arrow

    kyle busch should be suspended from driving any car for at least one year and that means race cars also.that might make him wake up. if something like this is not done it is a black mark on nascar.and people will quit watching

  39. Tom Taylor says:
    up arrow

    Good comment. I think that the statement about taking speeding seriously derives from this info in the Charlotte Observer editorial:
    “Sadly, North Carolina’s justice system doesn’t take speeding seriously enough. A 2007 report by the News & Observer of Raleigh found that in the previous year, only 2.4 percent of those accused of driving over 55 mph and more than 15 miles over the limit were convicted as charged.”
    I remember when they passed the seat-belt law, I was really glad. Finally my grandmother felt like she had to buckle up, and I knew she would be safer.

  40. Jared says:
    up arrow

    Anyone here ever test drove a car? What about a $400,000 550hp super-car you get for one day until you get yours 6 months from now? NO…

    From a 50 MPH roll he was in the gas for no more than 6-7 seconds. Bad judgement Yes. Could It happen to anyone that drives that car? Yes

    Ask yourself these question though:
    Before you got old did you ever go 130MPH?
    Was it at a track?
    Was you car as capable as his super-car?
    Are you being Hippocratic?

    On the matter of punishing him more because of who he is, You have just undermined the American justice system. He should get the same treatment as anyone else that gets this citation. So what he is a highly skilled race car driver that has logged more time at this speed than all but .001% of the population.

    The article quoted that 1/3 of accidents are from speeding factors…Well statically 1/2 of car fatalities are alcohol related. If he had gotten a DUI it would have gone unnoticed. Do you see a problem there?

    For the record I don’t like Busch at all.

  41. jim says:
    up arrow

    jared could not be more wrong. kyle busch represents nascar thats a reality.

  42. bart says:
    up arrow

    first of all kyle is a spoiled little punk like his brother…. dale sr made that sport and his own empire, but most peaple dont know that. never once saw dale spin a parked car on pit road never once flipped an official off on pit road. people hated dale but respected him. no one would care if kyle wound up in turn of dis with a broken kneck…. well maybe a few of you idiots would. anyway 128 in a 45 is just dumb dumb dumb. he is going to kill someone. but he doesnt care…. the only voice nascar fans have is 2 boycot. dont watch victory lane when kyle wins and make sure you email the sponsers and let them know u didt. dont support mms. why would u pay to support that idiot. think about it people, 83 mph on a curvey residental road with bus stops and driveways.

  43. robert roark says:
    up arrow

    the thing is, he is suposed to be a professional, an example to others…..
    if an professional boxer gets in a fight outside the ring its considered a felony, his hands are considered a dangerous weapon, and the same should go for Kyle Busch, his driving habits should be considered into the factor of punishment, he is a professional driver so he should act like one…
    i drove a tractor trailer for 27 years, and i recieved a speeding ticket one afternoon for going 12 miles an hour over the limit and was told i was a professional driver and should know better, the thing is i did know better because i knew the limit, and he knows good and well it was against the law, its not like he was going just 10 miles an hour over, or maybe he could say his speedometer is off a little… come on he was going 128 mph, thats redicolous kyle, they should take his license and put him in jail for at least 30 days and then concider public service, you cant tell me that if it was just an ordinary citizen speeding they wouldnt have been arrested instantly. but as we all know all to often that celebrities dont get punished enough, he will just laugh it off and joke about it to all his rich buddies or his wanna be buy me with all your money pals, its pathetic, and he has lossed my vote if that matters any at all… he needs to think about the daycare center on that road and my son that could have been walking to the car or your daughter that could have been running aroung the other side of your car to get in… but like i said he is a celebrity and know one will even look twice at him, that means you too Iredell County Judge, you will be afraid of his Lawyers and media…. so why did they even ask for his license or registration, its not like he will be punished or anything…

    robert roark
    middlesboro, ky

  44. James Northam says:
    up arrow

    “Hippocratic” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath
    You probably meant Hypocritic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypocritic

    Oddly enough those 2 words have nothing to do with each other.

    Making excuses that blame the car more than the driver are idiotic. This man is a “professional” race car driver. He better than anyone should know better. If I did 123 in a 45 I would expect to be arrested, So I don’t. Your arguements also defeat each other. Bottom line, he IS being treated differently than everyone else because of who he is…..

  45. Mike Rowco says:
    up arrow

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  46. up arrow

    Good article and good reminder that safety on the highways saves lives.

  47. Sue Brant says:
    up arrow

    ya for the one who said havent any of you ever sinned or made a mistake there is a difference between making a mistake and going 128 mph in a 45 mph. Consider this would it have just been a just mistake if he would have hit a bus, killed a pedestrian or wrecked and killed his passenger in his car who just happened to be his wife. Ya we have all been at one time or other been guilty of speeding but come on be serious we have all took the punishment no matter how severe it was. Just because he is a Nascar driver he is gonna get off with a slap on the wrist. To me they should look at it as he is just another plain joe off the street and give max punshment then see how cocky and wonderful of a person Kyle Busch is.

  48. LaurenBug74 says:
    up arrow

    This whole thing is disgusting me. My father died because a guy and his friends called their mustang “a toy” when they went 110 around a curb. KYLE BUSCH IS AN IDIOT! He could have killed someone. And then people have the nerve to suggest his punishment be anything but the maximum? Really, where do we draw the line here? About him being a role model, my nephew loves Kyle Busch, and does look up to him. That’s his fav driver. I think he is setting a bad example for everyone. I think NASCAR should suspend him. Look at Michael Vick….he endangered dogs and got a suspension, fines, and all sorts of trouble with the media and the NFL. Dogs have nothing to do with football? How is this any different? Kyle Busch endangered human lives here….it’s not something anyone should take lightly. I realize he is a racecar driver for a living, but it’s not like he didn’t know he was speeding. I could see 60 in a 45, but 80 is the killing speed. I understand that everyone has a right to their opinion, but I’m tired of people trying to defend something so stupid. What if he had hit and killed a child? Does it take someone dying for people to take this seriously? Also, as much money as he has, he could afford a space to “play with his toys”…he doesn’t have to endanger the rest of us by driving like an idiot on a public road. I think that Joe Gibbs is just as bad for defending Kyle Busch. This whole situation is a joke….he shouldn’t be allowed to drive until he has recieved his punishment and carried it out. I really hope someone fights this….You can call me a hater all you want to, but the fact is, I have seen first hand what speeding can do. He’s lucky he wasn’t out there long enough to get someone seriously hurt.

  49. James Northam says:
    up arrow

    I see the general consensus is that he should be punished as a normal person. This is good. This renews my hope in Americans being generally good people. Good people seek righteousness. Throwing the book at Kyle is the righteous thing to do.

    Mike Rowco, you are deluded. I have had 11 speeding tickets in the 26 years I have been driving. I accepted every single one of them, I admitted my guilt. I have never exceeded the speed limit by 83 miles per hour. That is nearly 3x the posted limit. It was in a residential area, in a car he did not own, that is owned by his sponsor, with his wife in the passenger seat. I have never done this, and never will I assure you. He is my 1st stone….

  50. Ray Walsh says:
    up arrow

    Seriously not trying to be a jerk, and I agree that Kyle should be suspended (I guarantee that if this had been one of Joe’s Redskin players back in his coaching days there would have been a suspension), but I have a picky item to point out. You don’t “soup” up a car … no soup involved, of any flavor. You are making the car “super”, therefore it becomes “suped” up. Just for future reference.

  51. Lou Anne says:
    up arrow

    I not only did my nursing in NC but i lived there for sometime. I serious feel sanctions from NASCAR are in order and i hope that someone orders Kyle to not only go to an ER for a week around a holiday weekend to see accident victims as well as a good walk through a morgue and see autopsies being done in person. I say this because not only did he get married not long ago but seeing an autopsy being done on a young child will really change a person. And if he would of hit a child he will think twice because it could of been his child. Also make him ride alone with an officer of the law & when he see’s the jaws of life being used it will scare him straight. Nurse Lou Anne

  52. Hugh says:
    up arrow

    Kyle Busch should get the same punishment as anyone else who committed this crime. He is very lucky because if he had injured or killed an innocent person that punishment not only would have ended his career but also his life as he knows it. Larry Mahoney spent a lot of prison time for killing fourteen innocent school children on a school bus in Kentucky and he was Drunk….Kyle was totally sober!