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Hit-and-Run!: Wheelchair, Car Collide in Winston Salem, North Carolina

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In the recent past, I have blogged about the dangerous potential that exists around every curve of the road for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike.

This week, a collision occurred that serves as an unfortunate reminder that people in wheelchairs are also vulnerable to crashes with much larger, more powerful vehicles.

Luckily, the wreck that happened on May 26, 2010 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was not fatal.

Nonetheless, a woman operating a motorized wheelchair was injured when a car on W. Fourth Street struck her. She was legally crossing an intersection using a crosswalk when the driver made a right-hand turn and hit the victim. To make matters worse, the driver then fled the scene!

Pedestrians, bicyclists and wheelchair operators; beware! Automobile drivers forget to look for people using alternative methods of travel far more frequently than we wish. And you motorists out there: Look, twice and save a life!