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Four die in fatal roadside crash in Elon, North Carolina

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A roadside breakdown turned deadly for four people in Elon, North Carolina, over the weekend.

This car accident in Elon highlights a deadly trend.

An SUV rammed into the four people on University Drive in Elon as they were trying to load a broken down Mercury Cougar into a trailer.

Freddie Charles Coulter, 55, and Sandra Goins Coulter, 51, of Graham, Mildred Jones Isley, 57, of Burlington, and Michael Todd King, 43, of Swepsonville were killed, according to police.

Robin Michelle Stanfield, 33, the driver of the SUV, was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. Her father told the News & Record in Greensboro that a flat tire or something in the road caused his daughter to swerve into the pedestrians.

This tragic story highlights just how unprotected pedestrians are when they’re standing along a highway, road or interstate. In fact, law enforcement officials urge people to stay inside their vehicles and get as far off the road as possible to avoid injury. An article in today’s News & Record includes some useful roadside safety tips that everyone should heed should they find themselves stranded on the side of the road.

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