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Footage Simulates Crash that Killed Two on West Market Street in Greensboro


Ian Michael Smith, 20, of Archdale, was trying to evade police, speeding and driving the wrong way down West Market street when he slammed head-on into the pickup truck. As a result, two young men—Marcial Aragon Colmillo and Juan Carlos Cortes—unexpectedly lost their lives on March 25, 2011.

Though this footage was taken during daylight, you might be able to imagine the scene that night:

Sadly, Mr. Smith’s actions resulted in untimely death. Two other people are recovering from injuries—Octavio Landin-Acosta and Amanda Leigh Tompkins—in addition to Mr. Smith himself.

Octavio Landin Acosta

Friends and family, like Esmaralda Martinez, will never be the same after loosing their loved ones, Marcial and Juan. Mr. Smith and the establishment that sold alcohol to a minor should pay.

Amanda Tompkins Amanda Leigh Tompkins



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  1. drill baby drill says:
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    maybe they should arrest the person who designed the road and the engineer who designed the car to go that fast….geesh

  2. up arrow

    Seems a bit extreme driller.