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Doing a Good Turn

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Even legal u-turns are hazardous. I’d advise motorists only make them at intersections and according to traffic signals where they have been determined appropriate.

Illegal u-turns are just that—illegal—because they have been deemed unsafe at that particular intersection.

Despite this common knowledge, an automobile accident occurred in Greensboro, North Carolina on May 31, 2010 when a driver decided to make an illegal u-turn in the roadway on Alamance Church Road.

Even more remarkable: the motorist was travelling in the right-hand lane of traffic when the illegal u-turn was performed!

Consequently, an unsuspecting victim who was travelling in the left-hand lane alongside the reckless driver was struck and suffered property damage and bodily harm.

Another recent u-turn mistake ended more tragically. Two people were injured and two others died in a collision that occurred just after a state trooper made a u-turn during a high-speed pursuit in Jamestown, North Carolina.

Innocent people sustain property damage, injury and worse when motorists make careless u-turns. When you need to make a u-turn, be sure to make a legal one with the proper signal at a safe intersection and always look twice and check your blind spots before proceeding.