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NC Community Continues to Mourn the Deaths but Remember the Lives of Three Young People

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If only the Crash Prevention Network of North Carolina had reached Amanda Sperduti, perhaps the deaths of Scott Bedwell, Sascha Hoffman and Taylor McCaskill could have been prevented.

As I reported in a previous post, Sperduti, 20, of Browns Summit, North Carolina was speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol when she crashed into a tree on February 13, 2010. The wreck, which could have been prevented, resulted in the death of the three passengers.

A nonprofit organization founded in Greensboro, North Carolina, attempts to raise awareness and prevent motor-vehicle accidents just like the one that ended in the deaths of Bedwell, Hoffman and McCaskill. Greensboro resident, Michael Jackson, founded the Crash Prevention Network of North Carolina in 2005, according to an article on news-record.com. He currently has 20 years of experience raising awareness about motor vehicle safety and crash prevention as he founded the Guilford County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in 1990 after the death of his then 16-year-old neighbor, Allison Gannon.

The Crash Prevention Network of North Carolina addresses such issues as seatbelt safety, speeding and cell phone use in addition to drunk driving. The organization has established programs that it plans to extend statewide. One such program, The Right Choice, meets monthly at the Guilford County Courthouse and features volunteer guest speakers.

Friends and family who grieve the deaths of Bedwell, Hoffman and McCaskill might take some comfort in knowing there are support groups and networks that strive to raise awareness about preventable accidents in memory of loved ones lost. To learn more about the Crash Prevention Network of North Carolina, click on this link.