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Brits Bust Motorist Using Two Cell Phones While Driving

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Photo: flickr/mrjasonweaver

The BBC is reporting a stunning case of distracted driving. A British court banned a 34-year-old driver from driving for one year after he was stopped by police for using two mobile phones while driving. Police report the unemployed driver, David Secker, was talking on one phone and texting on the other.

Mr. Secker was also convicted of driving without insurance. That fits with my experience representing people injured in auto accidents – the most dangerous drivers are often uninsured.

Mr. Secker was arrested on May 17, 2011. He was observed driving at 70 mph, apparently without his hands on the steering wheel.

His lawyer denied media reports that Secker was steering with his knees. Rather, the lawyer claimed, Mr. Secker was holding the steering wheel and a cell phone in one hand while he read out a telephone number from a second phone. How is that any better?!?

As if Secker’s behavior was not sufficiently outrageous, once police pulled him over, Secker continued his phone conversation while police waited!

What’s the worst case of distracted driving you’ve seen? Leave a comment and let us know. Thanks!

1 Comment

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    One instance that sticks out in my mind was when I was walking in my neighborhood a couple of years ago. I counted seven consecutive cars that went by — each was an SUV and in each the driver had a cell phone to his/her ear.

    Here’s another. I didn’t witness this one from Chapel Hill, but it involved a DWI driver (before noon, no less) who was also texting and ran her SUV off the road and onto the sidewalk where it flipped onto its side. http://greensboro.injuryboard.com/automobile-accidents/driver-charged-with-dwi-texting-while-driving.aspx?googleid=291096