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Aspiring Hero, Single Mother Needs Community Support After Head-On Collision

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I frequently blog about the risks and unfortunate consequences of doing things—texting, eating, putting on make up, fiddling with the radio—that take drivers’ eyes and attention from the road. Motorists—even good drivers—can become distracted and change lives in a matter of seconds.

Brandie Lyons, 21, is a single mother of two young children, ages one and four. She is in training to become a firefighter with the Guil-Rand Fire Department in Archdale, North Carolina.

According to Capt. Charles Cardwell in an article from myfox8.com, Brandie “has a strong desire to help people.” He described her as “one of his hardest workers.”

Steve Sigmon, another fire recruit, had this to say about Brandie: “She studied hard, made good grades on her tests, was willing to help, stay after to help people.”

Indeed, it’s Brandie’s hardworking, positive spirit that will surely help her recover from the collision she was in on June 1, 2010.

Brandie had just picked up her children from daycare and was driving her Ford Mustang on Highway 311 in Sophia, North Carolina when James Christoe struck her vehicle head-on with his pickup truck.

Christoe told a Randolph county safety officer that he simply took his eyes from the road for a moment—he wasn’t even texting or speeding!—and crossed into the other lane, causing the wreck that put Brandie in the hospital. She was airlifted from the scene of the crash to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center where she has been in critical condition. Her children were taken to High Point Regional Hospital where they were treated and, thankfully, released.

Brandie and the Lyons family need all the support they can get right now. Brandie’s colleagues have established a relief fund on her behalf, reports another myfox8.com news article. I urge you to contribute to Community One Bank on S. Main Street in Archdale or at the Guil-Rand Fire Department, also on S. Main Street in Archdale and help this promising woman recover quickly.